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April  2010

After over sixty years of having a rodeo princess represent King County as a member of the Ellensburg Rodeo Royal Court, the time has come to say our farewells.

Due to uncontrollable changes which include the loss of equestrian communities in the King County area and tough economic times, it has become necessary for the King County Posse to relinquish the King County Princess position to the Ellensburg Rodeo Royal Court.

Even without a King County Princess, the King County Posse looks forward to continuing their ongoing relationship with the Ellensburg Rodeo.

As we look back at the past royalty from the west side of the mountains, we are proud of and thankful to every young women who after being chosen for this phenomenal opportunity, wholeheartedly undertook the commitment of being a representative of King County and an ambassador for the Ellensburg Rodeo.

We hope that everyone can look back and reminisce a little about each past KingCounty Princess you have met over the years and remember their welcoming smile and "cowgirl up" attitude.

So while with heavy hearts we wave goodbye to the past and say thank you ladies for all the memories and a job well done, we also look forward to the continued future of our long-standing relationship with the Ellensburg Rodeo.

The King County Posse


ontent here
She looked like a cowgirl.
She rode like a cowgirl.
She knew rodeo like a cowgirl.
She was the King County Princess.
Each year a young lady from King County was thrown into a whirlwind year of traveling thousands of miles to represent the Ellensburg Rodeo.She took on this duty with all her heart and soul and exemplified what a true rodeo princess should be; responsible, dedicated, knowledgeable, genuine, and professional, always a little fun, but with that "Cowgirl-up" attitude.
We are sure you will remember their welcoming smile, warm heart and open arms.
What more can we say but
"Thank you"
for a job well done!
The King County Posse